Welcoming Jean Marie Simonetti to Bedrock as VP of Healthcare Operations & Market Expansion!

Welcoming Jean Marie Simonetti to Bedrock as VP of Healthcare Operations & Market Expansion!

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The Bedrock family is proud to welcome Jean Marie Simonetti as the new Vice President of Healthcare Operations and Market Expansion! Jean Marie is an esteemed alumna of The College of Staten Island, earning both her Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors and her Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy in January 2001. Her dedication to excellence began early in her academic pursuits.

Jean Marie Simonetti, Vice President of Operations & Market Expansion

A Journey in Healthcare

Jean Marie’s journey in healthcare is nothing short of impressive. She started her Physical Therapy career in the acute care/inpatient setting in 2001 and has since explored various rehab settings, including sub-acute and acute care, outpatient rehabilitation, orthopedic, traumatic brain injury, wellness, industrial, and home health. Her rich experiences also include presenting at The Aging in America Conference on “Aging in Place – Role of Physical & Occupational Therapy.”

Challenging Ageism and Fixing Fragmented Healthcare 

Since December 2010, Jean Marie has been in a managerial/leadership role with a primary focus on the older population. Her passion lies in ensuring older adults achieve their optimal function by promoting overall health and wellness, challenging ageism, and playing a key role in fixing fragmented healthcare. Jean Marie holds certifications as a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults (CEEAA) and in LSVT BIG, an evidence-based treatment program for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Her prior specialty areas include Strength Training and Golf Conditioning.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Jean Marie is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and self-improvement. She approaches each day not as a struggle but as an opportunity to thrive in solutions. Outside of her professional pursuits, Jean Marie finds inspiration and joy in spending time with her family, boyfriend, friends, and pets. Her love for the outdoors, yoga, reading, and a commitment to animal rescue reflect her diverse interests. She also embraces every chance to travel and explore new horizons.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Jean Marie Simonetti, Vice President of Operations and Market Expansion! We’re excited about the wealth of experience, passion, and positivity she brings to our Bedrock family. Here’s to a journey filled with compassion, wellness, and thriving solutions!



Thriving and Cultivating Success: How Bedrock Healthcare At Home Nurtures Careers and Shapes Futures

Thriving and Cultivating Success: How Bedrock Healthcare At Home Nurtures Careers and Shapes Futures

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In the dynamic realm of healthcare and senior living, the significance of a workplace that treasures its employees and cultivates a positive culture cannot be overstated. Spring Hills and Bedrock Healthcare at Home stand out as exemplars in this regard, offering not merely jobs but the foundation for fulfilling and thriving careers. This blog post sheds light on the elements that make these companies exceptional workplaces, drawing insights from the personal experiences of a dedicated professional who has been an integral part of their journey.

Vice President of Strategic Operations for Bedrock at Home

Defining a Great Workplace: Shared Purpose, Trust, and Open Communication

A truly great workplace is characterized by a shared sense of purpose, a culture built on trust, and an ongoing commitment to open communication. At Spring Hills and Bedrock, the spotlight is on common goals, shared values, and a work environment that empowers and values its employees.

Heartfelt Impact in Senior Living and Healthcare

The core of working in senior living and healthcare lies in the profound impact on people’s lives. The joy derived from guiding families through challenging times and contributing to their journey of recovery makes each day at Spring Hills and Bedrock meaningful and rewarding.

Leadership, Innovation, and Growth

Spring Hills and Bedrock boast an experienced leadership team committed to growth and innovation. They inspire creativity, welcome input from all levels, and foster a resource-rich environment. The companies’ reputation as healthcare leaders, coupled with their dedication to career advancement and work-life balance, solidifies their standing as exceptional workplaces.

A Diversified Portfolio and Empowered Workforce

Bob Udit, Vice President of Strategic Operations for Bedrock at Home, emphasizes the benefits of a diversified portfolio. According to him, it ensures that seniors and clients have a range of options to suit their needs. The Wellness Ecosystem from Bedrock Healthcare at Home puts control back in the hands of clients and patients, while  offers beautiful, assisted living and memory care communities where residents thrive.

Bob further notes, “The active involvement of leadership, transparent communication, and a focus on a healthy company culture make Bedrock Healthcare at Home stand out.” Both companies prioritize employee well-being, offer growth opportunities, and take a proactive approach to industry challenges, making them preferred employers with high employee tenure.

Reflecting on Success: A Journey of Stability and Commitment

With a tenure exceeding seven years, Bob reflects on the stability and commitment that Spring Hills and Bedrock provide. A standout moment in the company’s history was the successful journey of Bedrock At Home, achieving profitability within a record-breaking 12 months since its inception in 2016. This achievement, amid the challenges of starting a business, underscores the dedication and determination ingrained in the company’s core values.

Personal Growth and Grit: The Keys to Success

Bob, who has progressed from Director of Operations to Regional Vice President of Operations, shares valuable insights for personal growth within a company. Keys include hard work, drive, self-reliance, and patience. A positive attitude and high integrity form the bedrock for success. Bob attributes his personal success to “Grit,” highlighting the belief that nothing is impossible, coupled with determination and problem-solving skills.

Spring Hills and Bedrock Healthcare at Home have not only established workplaces but communities where employees flourish. Their emphasis on values, innovation, and employee well-being positions these organizations as leaders in senior living and healthcare. Aspiring professionals seeking fulfilling careers will find not just jobs but partners in their journey of growth and success at Spring Hills and Bedrock Healthcare at Home.

Bedrock Healthcare at Home Announces Promotion of  Dr. Andre Gomez to President and Chief Operating Officer

Bedrock Healthcare at Home Announces Promotion of Dr. Andre Gomez to President and Chief Operating Officer

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EDISON, NJ (October 19, 2023) – Bedrock Healthcare At Home, the leading force in Primary Care & Chronic Care Management, is excited to announce the promotion of Dr. Andre Gomez to the role of President and Chief Operating Officer. Dr. Gomez promotion comes at a time when Bedrock is experiencing exponential growth and is on track to serve 100,000 lives by December 2024.

As an alumnus of Stockton University, where he earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy with high honors. Dr. Gomez brings with him a clear vision as President and COO. He aims to continue fostering a collaborative dynamic between industry leaders while revolutionizing healthcare practices and providing aid to those in need. Through this new role, Dr. Gomez will lead the national expansion of Bedrock Healthcare at Home, solidifying its position as the gold standard for Wellness Ecosystems in the industry. Additionally, he will spearhead value-based initiatives and introduce ‘The New Medical Specialty’ to partners, championing a unique healthcare continuum.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this momentous occasion in our company’s journey,” said Alex Markowits, Chairman of Bedrock Healthcare at Home. “Dr. Gomez’ elevation to President and COO signifies our commitment to healthcare excellence. His innovative vision and dedication will undoubtedly propel Bedrock Healthcare At Home to new heights, as we work together to provide enhanced care and wellness for all.”

Outside of his professional endeavors, Dr. Gomez enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Mayra Gomez, and their three children, AJ, Sophia, & Olivia.


About Bedrock Healthcare at Home
Bedrock Healthcare At Home is an unstoppable force in Primary Care & Chronic Care Management. With a relentless passion for pioneering the industry, they are dedicated to enhancing productivity, efficiency, and limitless growth. Bedrock Healthcare at Home is on a mission to serve 100,000 lives by December 2024 and revolutionize the practice of healthcare and medicine. For more information about Bedrock Healthcare at Home, please visit www.bedrockhc.com.


Our partnership with Patient Care Therapy Group

Our partnership with Patient Care Therapy Group

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We are excited to announce our partnership with Patient Care Therapy Group who will focus on strategically educating and proactively addressing fall prevention and conditions that may delay the optimization of all resident outcomes. PCTG will apply a functional medicine approach to all care plans and design preventative & rehabilitative solutions to combat all movement, cognitive, physical, and language disorders; in the most natural way possible and in the most ideal setting; a resident’s home environment. By infusing holistic clinical practice with functional medicine, all residents they serve will be able to add life to their years while having fun!

Leading the charge, Therapy Program Manager Adam Nadle & lead Physical Therapist, Dr. Ryan Schoenborn, PT, DPT will be spearheading our local efforts as we look to serve and protect the functional independence of our seniors.

If you keep up with the news, you may have seen headlines like these: “Doctor shortage may reach 120,000 by 2030,” “How can we remedy the shortage of health care providers?” and “US faces looming shortage of primary care physicians.” — Given the importance of primary care, this isn’t good news.

The Future of Team-Based Health Care—

P.T.s aren’t seeking to replace primary care physicians but are able to provide primary health care within the scope of their training and expertise, which is low-cost, low-risk, and proven effective for many common medical conditions. Primary care providers in team settings need to be able to evaluate and manage a wide variety of injuries, illnesses, and disorders. No one profession can do it all. An ideal primary care team will be able to triage and direct the patient to the right team member. For example, chronic back pain would be referred to the team’s physical therapist, the flu symptoms referred to the nurse practitioner, and the more obscure symptoms referred to the physician.

If this model has worked for the military for over 50yrs, why is it taking so long to be practiced with civilians? Thankfully, with Patient Care Therapy Group and our collaboration with Patient Care Medical Group the wait is now over!

People with great passion can make the impossible happen. As we age, it is not uncommon for communication skills to decline. However, with the help of speech therapy, seniors can improve their communication abilities and enhance their overall quality of life. Seniors can enhance cognitive abilities and memory through speech therapy exercises, with the goal of improving daily living activities and social interactions through improved communication.

Patient Care Therapy Group believes that success is not a big step taken in the future, but rather a small step taken now. We love our patients. We love what we do. Frailty, we’re coming for you!

The Future of Medicine is in the hands of those that are able to integrate technology and biology.

The Future of Medicine is in the hands of those that are able to integrate technology and biology.

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Our partners at Patient Care Medical Group have realized the power of virtual care by providing all of our patients with an end to end Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform that allows patients to measure and securely transmit vital data to their provider. This allows our teams to manage the health of our patients in accordance with their individualized care plan. Seamlessly, our clinicians are able to make preventive adjustments as needed — offering our partners with innovative solutions that promote the future of care, improves the patient experience while providing much needed peace of mind.

The US healthcare system ranks 40th in the world amongst all developed countries—right behind Mexico—while having the TOP ranked physicians in the world — This dichotomy creates a strong indictment in exposing the care gaps of a fragmented healthcare culture.

Patient Care Medical Group was founded on the basis of effective Care Coordination. We choose to invest our clinical efforts with an abundance of action at the interdisciplinary level. This is why we consider Our Transitional Care Navigators to be the key architectural champions supporting our medical infrastructure. While poor care coordination can be life threatening, effective care coordination can be lifesaving!

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic aftermath, have only accelerated the evolution of healthcare ecosystems. These shifts have created an imperative for stakeholders to move towards an ecosystem-based model. Our partners at Patient Care Medical Group are transcending healthcare by preventing and managing chronic conditions through human innovation.

Our Ecosystem has created a powerful force that is reshaping and disrupting the industry, putting the patient first. The patient must be at the center of transitional care. Our largest struggle is not with the patient who takes their medication regularly, but with the patient who does not engage in their own care. Technology and a caring hand can be the drivers that excite a patient with the prospect of wellness.

In healthcare, we now have the potential to deliver a personalized and integrated experience to our consumers, while enhancing provider productivity, engaging formal/informal caregivers, and improving both outcomes and affordability.