The Future of Medicine is in the hands of those that are able to integrate technology and biology.

Feb 22, 2023 | Other

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Our partners at Patient Care Medical Group have realized the power of virtual care by providing all of our patients with an end to end Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform that allows patients to measure and securely transmit vital data to their provider. This allows our teams to manage the health of our patients in accordance with their individualized care plan. Seamlessly, our clinicians are able to make preventive adjustments as needed — offering our partners with innovative solutions that promote the future of care, improves the patient experience while providing much needed peace of mind.

The US healthcare system ranks 40th in the world amongst all developed countries—right behind Mexico—while having the TOP ranked physicians in the world — This dichotomy creates a strong indictment in exposing the care gaps of a fragmented healthcare culture.

Patient Care Medical Group was founded on the basis of effective Care Coordination. We choose to invest our clinical efforts with an abundance of action at the interdisciplinary level. This is why we consider Our Transitional Care Navigators to be the key architectural champions supporting our medical infrastructure. While poor care coordination can be life threatening, effective care coordination can be lifesaving!

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic aftermath, have only accelerated the evolution of healthcare ecosystems. These shifts have created an imperative for stakeholders to move towards an ecosystem-based model. Our partners at Patient Care Medical Group are transcending healthcare by preventing and managing chronic conditions through human innovation.

Our Ecosystem has created a powerful force that is reshaping and disrupting the industry, putting the patient first. The patient must be at the center of transitional care. Our largest struggle is not with the patient who takes their medication regularly, but with the patient who does not engage in their own care. Technology and a caring hand can be the drivers that excite a patient with the prospect of wellness.

In healthcare, we now have the potential to deliver a personalized and integrated experience to our consumers, while enhancing provider productivity, engaging formal/informal caregivers, and improving both outcomes and affordability.