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EDISON, NJ (October 16, 2023) – Bedrock 360 Media Productions (B360), a groundbreaking full marketing company brought to life by a team of innovative minds, launches in September 2023 and is set to revolutionize the media landscape. Offering an array of cutting-edge media production services that will redefine how stories are told, and experiences are shared, B360 is poised to make waves with its commitment to delivering exceptional and revolutionary content across various platforms and industries. Services include creating a brand identity or creating a branding refresh, graphic design, digital marketing, website development and maintenance, photography, video, social media management and more.

Krystal Pratt, Executive Creative Director at Bedrock 360 Media Productions, says, “We’re excited to offer full media management services. The print and digital graphic design work, website development, video and photography production and comprehensive communication strategies we create, will help our clients tell their compelling stories.” She continued, “We know that marketing success comes when you build trust, create empathy, and increase conversion. With over 20 years of talent and experience, the B360 team is set up for success.”

B360 aims to set a new standard for visual storytelling by diving into the realms of video production, photography, graphic design, and digital marketing services. What sets B360 apart is their dedication to harnessing the power of the latest AI and technology. They aim to infuse visuals, pictures, and videos with enchanting storytelling prowess to captivate audiences with an artistry as delicate and precise as the brilliance of a Mozartian symphony.

“At Bedrock 360 Media Productions, we understand that storytelling is the beating heart of every triumphant marketing campaign,” says Andre Gomez, Executive Vice President of B360’s parent company Bedrock Healthcare At Home. “The team’s work will be a portal to boundless imagination as we elevate our clients’ cultures, core values, and philosophies to unprecedented heights.”

This venture into digital and visual marketing is a natural extension for Bedrock Healthcare At Home. By branching out, they are taking a step forward in amplifying narratives that resonate deeply with audiences, forging connections that span industries and demographics, all to grow a client’s bottom line.

About Bedrock 360 Media Productions: Bedrock 360 Media Productions (B360) is a dynamic media production company aimed at delivering high-quality and innovative content to clients across various industries. Our experienced team of creative, award-winning professionals, combined with state-of-the-art technology, will ensure the delivery of high-quality and impactful media solutions that will exceed your expectations. By incorporating cutting-edge AI and technology we aim to help our clients enhance their brand presence, drive customer engagement, and unlock new opportunities for growth. For more information about Bedrock 360 Media Productions and its services, please visit

About Bedrock Healthcare at Home: Bedrock Healthcare at Home is the leading provider of clinical & operational experts who are championing the digital transformation era, with only one goal in mind; to optimize the patient experience by navigating our patients through our healthcare ecosystem. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and evidence-based clinical services, Bedrock is committed to enhancing the lives of residents and empowering them to live their best lives. For more information about Bedrock Healthcare at Home, please visit