Bedrock Healthcare at Home Partners with athenahealth to Help Nursing Home and Home-based Care Providers Enhance Clinical and Financial Results

Bedrock Healthcare at Home Partners with athenahealth to Help Nursing Home and Home-based Care Providers Enhance Clinical and Financial Results

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Edison, NJ (December 19, 2023) – Bedrock Healthcare at Home, the pioneer in developing a wellness ecosystem that de-fragments traditional healthcare through a continuum of collaborative care, today announced it is working with athenahealth, a leading provider of network-enabled software and services for medical groups and health systems nationwide, to provide nursing home and home-based care providers with access to the two companies’ value-added services.

By wrapping Bedrock Healthcare’s extensive experience in at-home care around athenahealth’s interoperable suite of health IT solutions, clinicians from across Bedrock’s healthcare partner ecosystem, including Patient Care Medical Group and Patient Care Therapy Group, can more easily collaborate on care and chronic care management to improve patient outcomes. This is especially important for the growing number of elderly patients in the United States who frequently experience costly hospital readmissions. While the national average for readmission rates from 2021 to 2022 hovered around 33%, Bedrock’s readmission rates are much lower.

Bedrock Healthcare and athenahealth are committed to creating a connected healthcare ecosystem that simplifies the delivery of high-quality, integrated care. Because athenaOne® exchanges clinical data with external health IT entities and partners across athenahealth’s network to make essential information readily available at the point of care, providers can make more informed care decisions that optimize the patient experience and enhance clinical and operational performance. For example, primary care providers, therapists, and dieticians can work together to manage a patient’s chronic disease using athenahealth’s technology to continuously stay connected to each other and the patient’s condition.

“As healthcare evolves, partnerships become instrumental in driving meaningful change,” said Dr. Andre Gomez, DPT, President and COO, Bedrock Healthcare. “Our collaboration with athenahealth signifies a commitment to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our patients and partners. By combining our expertise, we’re laying the foundation for a healthcare future that is both patient-centric and financially sustainable.”

athenahealth’s modern technology is built on an open, connected network that delivers data-driven insights from across the company’s network of more than 155,000 providers. Through the combination of the company’s integrated suite of electronic health record, revenue cycle management and patient engagement solutions with Bedrock’s coordinated management leadership, home-based providers and staff can be freed of burdensome administrative work so they can focus on patient care and creating value for their organizations.

“athenahealth is dedicated to curing the complexity that plagues healthcare practices and gets in their way of delivering best-in-class patient care. In today’s fragmented healthcare ecosystem, it’s more important than ever for providers across the care continuum to be able to experience interoperability for better decision making – which means having relevant patient information available at the moment of care, wherever that care is taking place,” said Bret Connor, chief operating officer at athenahealth. “With athenaOne and Bedrock’s expertise and resources, nursing home and home-care professionals will be able to practice best-in-class care more easily while prioritizing financial sustainability.”

Through this partnership, expert teams will work collaboratively to generate actionable insights derived from real-time information and data analytics to empower healthcare organizations to make a positive impact on both patients and the bottom line.

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About athenahealth, Inc.: athenahealth strives to cure complexity and simplify the practice of healthcare. Our innovative technology includes electronic health records, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement solutions that help healthcare providers, administrators, and practices eliminate friction for patients while getting paid efficiently. athenahealth partners with practices with purpose-built software backed by expertise to produce the insights needed to drive better clinical and financial outcomes. We’re inspired by our vision to create a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all. Learn more at