BEDROCK Healthcare At Home is leading the efforts to end fragmented healthcare.

Feb 23, 2023 | Health

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We are a group of clinical & operational experts who are championing the digital transformation era, with only one goal in mind; To optimize the patient experience by navigating our patients through our healthcare ecosystem.

The post pandemic shift is happening, and is now hidden in plain sight. Bedrock Healthcare At Home and its clients continue showcasing our unique care coordination culture by effectively collaborating with all members of the care team, no matter their specialty, role or location. It is all back to the Integrated Care Ecosystem.

Whether you are trying to solve avoidable blindness, heart disease, cancer, lower extremity weakness, or proactively managing the signs of cognitive decline, it all starts with being part of a care ecosystem. To optimize our clinical outcomes, we must take ownership of the patient experience starting from primary care, all through specialty care, and right down to care in the home.

We must evolve. The healthcare disruption is here. Focusing on “healthcare” is no longer enough— We must now focus on HEALTH!

Our care coordination DNA grants us the innovation necessary to evaluate the impact that an integrated healthcare team brings to all patients. When centered around improving resident outcomes and becoming deeply ingrained with the core values and operations of our community partners, we transform how care is delivered. The aim is to leverage digital solutions and artificial intelligence capabilities to enable data-driven decision making at the point of care. Through streamlined decision making, these solutions can better support overburdened clinicians, improve patient outcomes and bolster financial performance. With Bedrock’s unique approach to data management and workflow automation, we are making fragmented care a thing of the past.

For decades, the US healthcare system has been mired by health disparities, rising costs, fragmentation, clinical errors, lack of communication between providers, an emphasis on emergent issues at the expense of preventive care, and poorer outcomes compared to other countries….

Thankfully, at Bedrock Healthcare At Home those days are over. Our Transitional Care Navigators have embarked on a mission that utilizes principles from care coordination, case management and population health to maximize health outcomes and enhance resource utilization for populations and the individuals in them.

We champion the patient journey. One life at a time.