Bedrock announces team expansion

Feb 22, 2023 | Health

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Bedrock Management Services Organization is pleased to announce the addition of Lisa Tosti, Account Executive. Lisa has a passion for optimizing patient outcomes, promoting wellness and preventing unnecessary hospitalizations. Her dedication is to improve healthcare outcomes by identifying and assisting in the closure of fragmented care gaps. Her focus is to connect Patient Care Medical Group’s health care ecosystem with patients in need; providing exceptional continuity of care while seamlessly optimizing each patient’s individualized journey. Lisa strives to help patients by focusing on proactive care initiatives such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM).

Emerging from a family of healthcare workers, Lisa knew from a young age that her calling was to provide kindness, compassion and support to the older adult. Lisa began her healthcare career in 2002, and has worked in assisted living communities, Long Term Care and Post Acute settings. Lisa’s previous roles include Director of Marketing and Admissions, Hospital Liaison as well as Life Enrichment Leader. Improving patient outcomes holistically with innovation and technology has always been her area of passion as Lisa earned an undergraduate degree in Applied Science with a concentration in Digital Marketing from Rowan University. Combining her enthusiasm for healthcare and Digital Solutions, Lisa is determined to improve the quality of the healthcare continuum and improving the overall patient experience for the aging population.

Lisa is excited to work alongside clinicians from Patient Care Medical Group & Patient Care Therapy Group, and believes in transforming the existing health system from treatment based reactionary care to preventative and functional wellness. Lisa’s future plan is to become a Health Data Scientist; as she aspires to complete her Master of Science Degree in Health Data Science (MiHDaS).